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Globalseoexpert.com provides neat web design to individuals & small business with a quick, professional way to share themselves with the world by staking new claims here on the internet. Our Web Designer takes pride in tending to the aspirations & goals set by customers around us, quickly getting the job done right. Our team allows us to offer our services nationwide making us one of the nicest, most professional, most economical options available on the market today.

We offer a wide range of support options for our customers that revolve around the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress and Joomla, two great CMSs openly developed over the last few years. Website creation and design in the past has been difficult and time-consuming unless you had the proper knowledge and resources. Very often the websites could require thousands of dollars and countless hours to publish and maintain.

With the use of Content Management Systems, time is no longer a factor. What used to take months can now simply take minutes to publish online. Weeks spent on waiting because of poor web consulting & maintenance or non-disclosure forms to be processed are now bypassed simply by teaching your kids or secretary how to post new information on your website. In many ways, maintaining a website is as easy as using Microsoft Word or Excel.

If you have the content you wish to post on your website already available, our Sligo web designer can have your site up and running in two to three days.

Domain Name

The first step towards a new website includes ordering a domain (URL) such as www.your-site.com. Domain cost about 10 dollars per year. Although domains are inexpensive, having a good one is essential to your site’s success. A domain name is the online “address” which directs all traffic to your Web Hosting (Step 2), your “plot of land” on the internet.

Tips on picking a domain –

If they’re charging more than 15 dollars, they’re charging too much.

Companies like GoDaddy slap ridiculous fees on a 15 dollar purchase that can reach well over $100 dollars for ridiculous packages that are probably not needed, or that you can get at another company for free. Try not to fall for such ploys.

For the most part, try to pick a domain that will be short, catchy if possible and easy to remember. Many people decide to use their name, core values, or a theme they’ve designed to help market their website online. Just about any name can work as long as you choose something that represents you and that will stick in your audience’s head.

Be sure to avoid choosing extremely long domain names, domains that closely imitate an established business’s domain, names that may be misinterpreted by spam filters, or names containing words that are commonly misspelled.

If you are running a local business, also think about choosing cTLD (country-top-level-domain) name for your website address, such as: UK – (.co.uk), Ireland – (.ie), USA – (.us) etc. It helps with local SEO efforts.

If you are interested choose our Web Design Sligo services and you won’t regret.

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